‘A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS’ €20 – €100 (Payment in Euros).
Your pledge of €20 - €100 to our film will contribute to the related costs of making it, from equipment hire and transport – to that hot cup of tea at the end of a long day’s shoot! You will receive your TICKET to the screening.
‘FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE’ €500 – €1000 (Payment in Euros).
You will receive a credit on the film of Associate Producer (€500) or Executive Producer (€1000), and, a as a key member of the team yourself, you will be invited to our Special Private VIP Screening for Associate and Executive Producers held at a top venue in Dublin city centre ahead of our Premier.

As one of our supporters you will receive your TICKET to the screening where you can watch the film you have helped to make! We are very grateful for your generosity.

Please note: Dublin City is our base and our short film screening will take place at a venue here, therefore, Flight Ticket and accommodation to visit Dublin City must be purchased by individuals where necessary.